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Artist`s Statement

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"I was born and brought up in the Wye Valley near the market town of Chepstow. I have been exploring this beautiful part of the country for most of my life and it has been a major influence on my work for the past thirty years. Having spent the eighties and nineties working mainly in pastels, in 2003 after a chance meeting with two Buddhist nuns, I was drawn to explore my own inner landscape and decided to spend several years in meditative retreat at a Buddhist monastery. This period of intensive meditation resulted in a deeper and clearer understanding of the profound connection we have with each other and our everyday world. This connection feels strongest when I`m out in the countryside, especially in a woodland landscape. There is a sense of vibrancy and mystery that I find both fascinating and reassuring, a present moment experience which is palpable and immediate, and a feeling that right now everything is okay and just as it should be. My paintings are an expression of that immediate present moment and the sense of connection it brings, with the pattern connecting every part of the painting to every other part, whilst accentuating the vibrancy of the situation. The early morning scenes also reflect how I feel about my own personal journey, with the dawn light casting brightness and clarity on a new day with new beginnings".

Paul`s work can be viewed at Oriel CRiC Gallery Crickhowell - The Picture Card Gallery at Taurus Crafts Lydney.

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